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Green living expert, author, and TV personality, Sara Snow, explains the USDA organic seal and why "natural" is not organic.

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The Top 12 Organic Foods Highest in Antioxidants

Mar 19, 2012

March is National Nutrition Month.

I’ve started keeping a food journal, which has helped me keep track of the good (and bad) foods I eat. The beauty of this simple exercise is that it makes you think about every morsel you consume. I’ve started choosing the healthiest foods possible so I feel good about writing them down.Try it for a week and see if you get good results too!

Bolster your antioxidant intake by eating organic nutrient rich foods! Here is our Top 12 Organic Foods Highest in Antioxidants:

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3 Responses to “The Top 12 Organic Foods Highest in Antioxidants”

  1. Jaideep says:

    Thanks for sharing, does anyone know where one can buy Wild Blueberries?

  2. Jamie says:

    Wymans has a line of frozen wild blueberries: http://www.wymans.com/retail/products.php

  3. Jaideep says:

    Thanks Jamie, will check that out