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When you buy organic, you're buying into a type of agriculture with many benefits. Here's the scoop on Soil Health.

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    Three new studies confirm that exposures to common insecticides during pregnancy can cut a child’s IQ 4% to 7%  by age 9.
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Suggested Social Media Posts for the Newcastle Study

Jul 11, 2014

For the communication of the study “Higher antioxidant concentrations and less cadmium and pesticide residues in 2 organically grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses” 


Suggested Tweets:

A new study shows #organichealthbenefits! #Organic food has fewer pesticide & toxic metal, but higher antioxidants http://organic-center.org/?p=5778

The latest science shows #organichealthbenefits. Eat #organic for high antioxidants & avoid pesticides/toxic metal http://organic-center.org/?p=5784

Interested in the nutritional benefits of #organic food? Check out this new study showing #organichealthbenefits http://bittyurl.co/4njc

#Organic food has higher antioxidants & fewer pesticides/toxic metals. Great new study shows #organichealthbenefits http://organic-center.org/?p=5778

Pesticides are found 4X less on conventional crops as opposed to #organic. Learn more about #organichealthbenefits http://bittyurl.co/4njc

#Organic crops have 48% lower toxic cadmium levels than conventional crops. Let’s hear it for #organichealthbenefits http://bittyurl.co/4njc

Switching to an #organic diet would mean 20-40% higher antioxidants! A new study shows #organichealthbenefits http://organic-center.org/?p=5784


Suggested Facebook Posts:

A new research study shows that organic food has fewer pesticides and lower toxic metal levels, but higher levels of antioxidants.  Show some support for the health benefits of eating organic! http://organic-center.org/?p=5778

The latest science supports the health benefits of organic food. Eat organic for higher levels of antioxidants while avoiding pesticides and toxic metals http://organic-center.org/?p=5784

If you’re interested in the health benefits of organic food, check out this new study out of Newcastle showing higher levels of antioxidants, lower rates of pesticide residue, and lower levels of toxic metals in organic crops! http://bittyurl.co/4njc

Did you know that pesticide residues are found four times more frequently on conventional crops as opposed to organic crops?  A new study shows that choosing organic is the best way to avoid pesticides http://organic-center.org/?p=5778

A recent study shows another surprising health benefit of organic food:  lower levels of toxic metals!  Researchers found that organic crops have 48% lower levels of cadmium than conventional crops. http://bittyurl.co/4njc

New scientific research shows that switching from a conventional diet to an organic diet would mean a 20-40% increase in antioxidants. Stay healthy by choosing organic! http://organic-center.org/?p=5784

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