2023 Impact Report

Communicate the Benefits of Organic to Consumers


The Organic Center reaches 480,000 consumers monthly with educational content highlighting the science-backed benefits of organic farming and products.

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In the last 5 years, The Organic Center science staff has co-authored 20 peer-reviewed, published science journal articles. 


The Organic Center manages 29 microsites, which are independent websites for projects managed by The Organic Center or partners give shared updates on organic research projects with consumers. 




Build Communities 

 Organic Confluences

In 2023, we united 200+ stakeholders to tackle plastic reduction in the organic supply chain, featuring 22 speakers and supporting 27 farmer scholarship recipients from underrepresented farming communities at Organic Week DC.

 Listening to Diverse Farmer Voices 2023 On The Road Visits In 5 States:


 Science Program Fellowships

  Awarded 3 Fellowships to work on projects that increase diversity, equity and collaboration, in organic research and extension in the Southeast.

 2022-2023 International Collaborations

The Organic Center engages in international events that aim to build global collaborations in organic science innovation.

2 Events in Korea - Participation in IFOAM's 50th Anniversary at the 2nd Organic Expo in Goesan, South Korea.

4 Speaking events in four regions of China

 Organic Coffee Farm Visit in Southwestern Honduras



Fill Knowledge Gaps

The Organic Center works to fill critical industry knowledge gaps by managing research projects and providing tools and training to help organic farmers and businesses thrive. 

 Funding critical organic research and extension

The Organic Center and Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) competitive grant program:

 Academic research collaborations 

The Organic Center 16 successfully funded federal grant proposals from 2020 to 2023, collaborating on $18,611,000 worth of organic research and education.

Support Industry Advancement

Speaking engagements to share organic science with stakeholders across the industry

The Organic Center website hosts 19 on-demand webinars presenting organic science and Organic Confluences sessions.

In 2023, The Organic Center science staff were also a part of... 

1 Podcast NCAT

3 Partner organization webinars

5 Guest lectures globally

6 Conference presentations globally

 Filming in two locations as a Science Advisor and featured guest for full-length documentary movie on connecting healthy food to healthy people titled “Delicious Revolution”