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    Three new studies confirm that exposures to common insecticides during pregnancy can cut a child’s IQ 4% to 7%  by age 9.
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The Organic Center is your trusted, go-to source of information for scientific research about organic food and farming.  We cover up-to-date studies on sustainable agriculture and health, and collaborate with academic and governmental institutions to fill gaps in our knowledge.  Explore our site to find out more information about science that will keep the public and Earth healthy for generations to come! Learn More »

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Cover crop choice can augment positive effects on soil microbial communities

It is understood that organic farming leads to substantial growth and improvement of soil microbial communities. However, few studies have investigated whether the choice of cover crop species affects that change. A new study published in the journal Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment sought to understand how cover crop choice in organic and non-organically managed soils… Read More ›

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Chronic exposure to neonics and glyphosate negatively affects honeybees

Neonicotinoid pesticides and glyphosate are widely used on crops, and their residues are often  found together on crops. Neonicotinoids have been widely implicated in declines in bee health. Even though it is an herbicide, glyphosate has also been linked to negative health effects in honeybees. A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology… Read More ›

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Organic vineyards reduce pesticide use but do not increase pest prevalence

It is commonly believed that while organic farming reduces pesticide use, it can also increase pest infestations if non-chemical control is not sufficient to keep pest populations in check.  Now, a new study published in the Journal of Applied Ecologyhas tested this hypothesis to understand how pest pressure changes as the number of organic farms… Read More ›

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Summit explores how to keep organic farmers in the know

Organic Center’s Confluences Summit focuses on ways to transfer research knowledge to farmers Washington, D.C. (June 1, 2018) – Today’s organic farmer, like all farmers, is a consummate problem solver and master of many skills, from agronomy and animal husbandry to mechanics and marketing. Like all farmers, organic farmers must have reliable and up-to-date informational… Read More ›

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Pesticide contamination in birds in China

A new study published in Environmental Geochemistry and Health has found that waterbirds from Central China are contaminated with pesticides. Researchers tested for twenty-one organochlorine pesticides in the muscles of six common waterbird species. DDTs, which are now banned, were the most prevalent pesticide found, suggesting that residues from historical use were the source of contamination. The… Read More ›

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