First Science Advisory Board Meeting

Last week, The Organic Center recently had their first Science Advisory Board meeting.  The meeting was well attended by world-renown scientists on the Center’s 24-member Science Advisory Board, and addressed issues such as areas of future research need, the necessity for support of organic research, and gap areas in current organic knowledge. 

The scientists who attended the meeting urged for the formation of a rapid-response team, which will cover important organic issues as they arise.  This is especially important in supporting organic research and analyzing the scientific integrity of scientific literature of interest to the organic community.  

Other topics that were discussed included the need for more applied research, such as weed management, yield enhancement, and efficacy of organically improved inputs.  The meeting also addressed the need for research examining the environmental and health benefits of organic, such as climate change mitigation, soil health, and avoidance of GMO crops. 

The Science Advisory board addressed future actions for research communication, such as the development of a video examining the benefits of organic from a scientist’s perspective, and representation at national scientific society meetings.