Fresh Almond and Pomegranate Salad

This recipe is very simple, yet extremely flavorful. Because there are so few ingredients, it’s important to get the tastiest that you can find. Normally, roasted nuts are preferred because they pack more flavor, and you’re encouraged to try this salad with roasted nuts, too. However, the texture of the raw almonds matches that of the pomegranate seeds perfectly, making the seeds much more enjoyable to eat.

The Science

While perceptions that organic nuts are healthier and tastier exist, there have been few quantitative studies to show this. A recent study in the journal Applied Ecology and Environmental Research measured fatty acid composition and aroma-active compounds (good smelling and therefore good tasting compounds) in organic and conventional almonds. The study found more oil in conventional almonds and more protein in organic almonds. Organic almonds also set a new record for aroma-active compounds, indicating that organic almonds are by far tastier!

The Recipe


Because this dish is a bit involved, it’s worth making a large batch for a big family meal. This recipe accomplishes that amount.


  • 1 cup raw organic almonds
  • 1-2 cups pomegranate seeds (depending on your ratio preference)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil to coat (worth it to splurge for the good stuff here)
  • Salt to taste
  • Optional: a chopped fresh herb such as mint or parsley as preferred.

Cooking Directions

  • In a medium mixing bowl, add all ingredients and stir.
  • Adjust olive oil and salt to taste.
  • Serve immediately.


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