Frozen chocolate covered bananas

Nothing brings back childhood memories like frozen chocolate-covered bananas!  Not only are these delicious but they are simple to make and they are on the healthier end of the dessert spectrum. Remember to consider the environment when making these and choose organic bananas.

The Science

Banana plantations in Costa Rica use a significant amount of pesticides.  While pesticide residues on the fruit pose very little risk to consumer health, a new study published in the journal Science of the Total Environmenthas sought to understand the effect of pesticide use on the local environment. Researchers modeled estimates of pesticide contamination to the water, air, soil, and banana plants over time. They found that while concentrations of pesticides on bananas sold for food remain below the maximum residue limits set in the United States and the European Union, environmental contamination is highly variable and pesticide concentrations in water often exceed the threshold of what is considered safe for ecosystem health. “Consumers are safe, but the environment is not likewise protected,” according to the researchers.

The Recipe



  • 3 ripe organic bananas
  • 12 oz. organic semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 6 popsicle sticks
  • Crushed organic peanuts or walnuts (optional)


Peel each banana and cut it in half.  Push the popsicle stick firmly into the cut end of the banana. Place the bananas on a sheet of waxed paper in the freezer and let sit for two hours. Once the bananas are frozen, melt the chocolate chips on the stove in a double boiler. Dip or roll each banana in the chocolate until covered and return to the waxed paper. Sprinkle crushed nuts on the chocolate if desired. Once all bananas are coated, return them to the freezer until the chocolate has hardened.  If you do not want to serve them immediately, transfer them into a Tupperware container or airtight bag for storage in the freezer.


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