TEDx talk: Adopting a different mind set to address ecological challenges

In a TEDX talk now posted online, Dr. Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs at The Organic Center, outlines the importance of shifting one’s thinking when it comes to using ag technology to address ecological challenges. Citing how some solutions turn out to have inadvertent adverse consequences, she notes how it is essential to adopt long-term, systems-based, strategies that contribute to climate stability. For instance, while agricultural “advancements” such a synthetic fertilizers and pesticides might be effective in increasing yield in the short term, they cause other disruptions, and can harm to our planet in the long term. The condition of our soils is a big factor in climate change, and also can affect our ability to produce food. Soils that have been mismanaged can destroy our ability to grow food in the future, while healthy practices can integrate agrotechnology to provide a critical sink for carbon storage. As a result, it is key to stop and think, and to adopt integrated practices that help bring ecological equilibrium in agriculture.

Watch the full talk here!

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