How can I participate? 

Register here - the hackathon is open to all!

How does a "virtual" event work? Where are we meeting? 

We’ll be using Work Adventure as a meeting platform. It’s a really fun and easy way to connect with people. You can learn more about Work Adventure, and how to use it here.

What is the expected time commitment? 

You get what you put in. A compelling project will require commitment from all team members, so be prepared to spend most of your work day working on your project.

Is this mostly hardware, software, or what?  

All of the above, but primarily leaning toward the development of information tools. So everything from: new sensors for on-farm data collection, new ways to visualization resource flows, mechanisms to handle data interoperability, to ways to connect existing open source software to support sustainable agricultural practices.

How do teams work? 

You should come with an idea of a team you might like to join (one or many), but it’s completely ok to switch teams, adjust teams, or even adjust whole ideas once you get here. This is a outcome-focused hackathon – we care only that we make the most compelling stuff for the organic community that we possibly can! Here is an example hackathon group formation:

  • Problem owner and/or domain expert
  • Designer and/or architect
  • A couple of developers across the stack
  • Maybe a document writers /slide maker / coordinator

Where do I find out about potential team projects?

We're asking people with potential project ideas to post their ideas on this GOAT forum post so that everyone can start thinking about what teams they’d like to join, and have conversations ahead of time about the ideas. You can also look at the pitch sign-up sheet to see all the titles of projects that will be pitched.

I don’t code — what about me? 

It completely depends on your project. The goal here is to create something compelling to the community. It is entirely possible to create a compelling data schema, or build out a compelling front-end design for a common application. While coding certainly helps, it is not required. Though, as stated before, you do need to have an idea coming in!

What if I don’t have a team? 

If you want to come but don’t have a team or an idea, you are still welcome to join! You will either join an existing team or form a new one with others, we will help facilitate. Check out the ideas bouncing around for team projects on the GOAT forum.

What virtual platform will we be using?

We’ll be using Work Adventure for the event, a fun (and simple) platform to hang out and work that kind of looks and feels like you’re in a 90’s video game. Here are some tips for using Work Adventure, although it’s pretty intuitive and you’ll probably figure it out on your own within a few minutes:

  • When you join you’ll be assigned a random avatar. You can modify your avatar (and even add a pet) by clicking the coffee cup symbol in the upper left- hand side of the screen.
  • Use the arrows to move your avatar around the virtual world.
  • Access the settings on the upper left-hand side of your screen by clicking the coffee cup (this is also where you can edit your avatar), and click on the envelope icon to chat with people you are near.
  • When you walk near someone, a video chat will open with them and you can talk directly to one another.
  • If you enter a room, you’ll automatically be entered into a group video chat with everyone in the room. You can control your speaker/video camera and access the chat in the lower right-hand side of the screen.
  • If you walk near the computer, an info box will automatically pop up on your screen and you can learn more about Work Adventure.

You'll need to register to get the log-in link.