The Organic Side of Food Day

Photo Credit: Sidney SL Lam Photo Credit: Sidney SL Lam

With fall in the air, The Organic Center is starting to plan for Food Day, a day to promote healthier diets and eating more foods that promote better health. Every October 24, thousands of events all around the country bring Americans together to celebrate and enjoy real food and to push for improved food policies. This year, millions of Americans will use Food Day to resolve to make changes in their own diets, and to take action to solve food-related problems in our communities at the local, state, and national level. The Organic Center will partner with other organizations to bring organic to the table, so to speak.

Photo Credit: Haldean Brown Photo Credit: Haldean Brown

Food Day inspires Americans to change their diets and our food policies. Created by the non-profit Center for Science in the Public Interest and driven by a diverse coalition of food movement leaders such as The Organic Center, Food Day aims to bring us closer to a food system with real and healthy just food produced with care for the environment, animals, and the women and men who grow, harvest, and serve it.

Organic is an important part of Food Day. Organic practices guarantee that your food is made without toxic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, artificial hormones or genetic engineering. The science shows that this benefits your health and the health of the environment by reducing your exposure to pesticides, increasing nutrition, supporting pollinators, promoting healthy soil, and more!

Last year, Food Day featured more than 8,000 events in all 50 states. Join us to make Food Day 2015 bigger than ever by committing to change your food choices to reflect environmental and human health: Choose organic!  Remember, it’s easy to eat organic on a budget. If you’re looking for tips, check out these great hints from the Food Babe.

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