The Organic Center will present at the Entomology Society of America conference

The Organic Center recently collaborated on a proposal that was selected for a full symposium session at the Entomological Society of America Conference in St. Louis, MO November 17-20, 2019. The session, “Finding Common Ground: Non-chemical Pest-Management to Protect Organic and Conventional Crops” will bring an organic component to a well-attended scientific conference that does not normally focus on organic. The main objective of the 3-hour session is to bring together a diverse array of researchers from across the US to share work on non-chemical IPM for various cropping systems. The compilation of short oral presentations will highlight successful, integrated pest management strategies that are organic-compliant and can be used in both certified organic and conventional systems. The Organic center will work in tandem with Dr. David Gonthier from the University of Kentucky to organize and lead the session. The Center will present research on organic-compliant management of citrus greening disease.