Organic produce farms needed to participate in research

Photo credit: Bob Dass Photo credit: Bob Dass

The University of Minnesota in conjunction with UC-Davis and University of Maine have received funds from the USDA to study organic vegetable production. This study will be looking at soil health in organic systems and also how soil microbes break down pathogens from manure. The study is focused on vegetable production that uses raw manure (dairy or chicken or horse) and we would like to partner with local organic growers. The core goal of the study is to validate the 90 days wait period, or potentially provide information on how long it really takes for pathogens to disappear from soil and produce after raw manure application. During the study duration, we would like to collect a soil sample and a manure samples before any manure is applied, a soil sample soon after manure is applied, and 6 soil and produce samples during the growing season, every 30 days, for biological analysis. The study will go on for 2 years and at the end the farmer will be given $700 per crop/manure. Please contact Dr. Paulo Pagliari at or 507-752-7372 for further information.

Check out the flyer here!