The Scoop on Soil Health


When you buy organic, you're buying into a type of agriculture with many benefits. Here's the scoop on Soil Health.

Organic: Supporting Soil Health

Photo Credit: USDA Photo Credit: USDA

When you choose organic you're not only supporting the health of your family - you're also supporting the health of the Earth.  In this video, we explore the benefits of organic to the soil, which is the back bone of our food security.  Without healthy soil none of our crops would grow, so it’s absolutely critical that we take care of it.

Unfortunately, conventional, high-input agricultural practices have been degrading our soil.  The good news is that organic techniques can build soil health back up.  Over the last few years long-term studies have started being published looking at how organic farming effects soil over a longer time scale, showing that the longer land is managed organically the healthier the soil becomes.  There were also studies showing that organic management increases increases beneficial fungal diversity in soils.  Yet other studies showed that organic farming can improve and increase macrobiotic soil communities such as earthworms, beetles and nematodes, as well as microorganism activity, nutrient availability and soil structure

Photo Credit: NRCS Oregon Photo Credit: NRCS Oregon

Not only does this have a positive impact on soil’s ability to hold nutrients, water, and other important factors, one study showed that the improved microbial communities in organic soils can have another benefit:  It suppresses pathogens that would otherwise attack plants!

Want to know how organic builds up healthy soil?  Watch the video to find out more!