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GMO Article in May 2012 Vogue Magazine

May 09, 2012

The May Issue of  Vogue magazine (U.S.) features an honest and well written piece, titled “Lab to Table,” about  the rise of Genetically Modified foods  (GMOs). Author, Eve Conant, reports on the latest research, the surprising GM foods in her fridge (and maybe in yours),  and the strong movement to get GMOs labeled.

The Organic Center’s chief scientist, Dr. Chuck Benbrook, was quoted in the article; Benbrook spoke about how GMO’s have created weed resistance and substantially increased herbicide/pesticide use. He said “When it comes to the potential for health and environmental damage in farming communities, this is a train wreck unfolding.”

We’re hoping exposure in a mainstream mag like this will educate even more Americans about the problems with our food system. To read the full article pick up a copy of the May issue and turn to page 286.

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5 Responses to “GMO Article in May 2012 Vogue Magazine”

  1. Austin says:

    This is excellent!

  2. Glen Tucker says:

    And there are other potentially damaging ingredients in our “food”.
    I ask the quesion: “Why are people getting fater all the time?” and my intution tells me, it’s not all about our sedentary lifestyle and way of life, although this clearly is a factor.
    However, manufactures and government are not coming clean about the effect of preservatives, hormones and pesticides plus GMOs etc are having on our weigth in general.
    Easy to blame us when it’s partly their fault for the abomination of our food by all these unatural practices that are killing us as we eat.
    But then, Big Pharm, the “Health” industry and the massive diet industry all would loose if you were eating healthily!

  3. Theresa says:

    So happy that more people will be educated on this topic!

  4. Ilona Bergen says:

    Great it is getting main stream attention. And Glen you are so right!

  5. Darryl Sinclair says:

    I read an article a few weeks ago about organic food nutrition as compared to regular foods. The article also compared the price of both, with the same weight, etc. Being diabetic, I was focused on vegetables, in particular, as veggies are the best for controlling blood sugar and the body’s pH…

    What the article determined was that, although the nutritional value in organically grown veggies was often more than double that of regularly grown veggies, the cost was often up to double that of the regularly grown counterpart… I don’t recall if the article was trying to point out that the dollar for dollar value made organically grown foods, in most cases was less expensive, in the long run, than the regular foods.

    With the regularly grown foods, in most cases, that I could see, one would have to buy more food to receive the same amount of nutrition than buying organically grown foods. So, in consideration of the foregoing, I have been using a nutritional guide when I go shopping, in order to calculate the savings of buying organic or regular. More often than not, I find, I am buying organic and since then, I’ve been saving my grocery receipts, to see if I have a cost saving, which in my mind would justify my buying organic; shopping in the same manner…

    It takes a little longer, looking up the nutritional values and doing the calculations but that’s the price one pays… I’ll eventually determine the cost/benefit value of my experiment… but I’m guessing that it will be worth it 🙂